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Interactive Panorama

Skiline - get your personal chart of elevation gain of your skiing day


Skiline offers a wide range of possibilities connected to your ski ticket. You can easily download a chart with your personal elevation gain, make a SkiMovie, measure your velocity at the Speed-Check run or take a unique souvenir photo at one of the popular photopoints in the skiing area. Moreover you will get a 360 degrees panoramic picture of your skiing day.


There is no personal activation required and therefore you can spend a nice skiing day in the Zillertal Arena. The chip in your lift ticket activates automatically when you pass the first check-in.


Get your personal altimeter chart with all the lifts you have used, all runs you have completed and as a result how much elevation gain you have collected. It’s that simple:

  • Open the website
  • Register or log in to your account
  • Type in the number of your ski ticket and within a few seconds your receive your personal chart

Arena Kids Foundation


With your ski-ticket you can make a valuable contribution to an SOS Childrens Village charity project and help children in need.


The aim of the Arena Kids Foundation is to offer support to aid schemes for children. The Zillertal Arena supports ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ projects and guarantees that 100 % of every donation goes directly to where it is needed.

It's so easy to donate:
Instead of returning your used ski pass chip card to the ticket counter or the automatic deposit refund machines you can put it into one of the special ‘Arena Kids Foundation’ collection boxes and, in doing so, donate your € 2 ski card deposit. The donation boxes are located in the Zillertal Arena ticket/payment desk areas throughout the winter season. All the proceeds from the chip card deposits will be passed on to the special ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ project to help refugee children.


Project 2016: SOS Children's Village - Help for refugee children

In 2016 ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ will be creating 100 new care centres for unaccompanied refugee minors. Many, many children have had to flee their homes – because of war, poverty and suffering. ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ provides help for these children. Instead of anonymous, mass accommodation, the children are given shelter in ‘SOS Children’s Village’ families until a caring home can be found. The ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ charity organisation has been taking care of unaccompanied refugee minors for many years now, both in special establishments such as the ‘Clearinghouse’ in Salzburg and the ‘Biwak’ in Hall in Tirol and in their own ‘children’s villages’. And now Austria’s largest private child protection organisation is extending its activities in the field of refugee care looking after children in small residential groups instead of anonymous mass accommodation, offering integration instead of isolation and personal support instead of security teams – measures that have been clearly proven to improve children’s prospects.